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When was the last time you had your coffee machine serviced? jura_x7scoffee
If you are a serious coffee lover and addicted to caffeine you definitely need a coffee maker. The divine smell of fresh coffee makes an otherwise dull day look brighter and cheerful. After the first cup you feel as if you are ready to take on the pile of commitment that is awaiting your attention for the day. So a coffee machine is a must at your home or office. The machines are easy to handle. Scoop a spoonful of coffee add water and within a minute your coffee is ready. In fact we are so dependent on our coffee machines that we want it in the perfect condition every morning. That is only possible if we service our machine regularly.

How much is coffee machine service cost?


Why is servicing required?
It is very important to have all the parts working in perfect condition to be able to make great coffee. Finding a great service provider would guarantee your machine stays in great condition. They will have a pool of experienced service engineers who can help you keep your machine in that perfect condition.

You must spend a little time everyday to see that your coffee machine is cleaned properly after you are done with your coffee making for the day. This exercise will keep your expensive coffee machine in perfect working condition longer and prevent a breakdown.jura_cleaning_tablets_6

If the coffee machine stops working for some reason or other the coffee machine service engineer will guide you with tips to solve the problem over the phone. If the problem is more severe then they will send an engineer to see what is wrong with the machine. Generally it involves replacing a part which can be done easily. But, if the problem is more critical and cannot be solved by simply replacing a spare part, it has to be taken to the workshop.
The professional coffee machine servicing agencies periodically check the following:
•    Replacement of the water filter that is fitted to reduce the build up of lime scale which damages the machine. This is to be replaced annually to prevent damage to the coffee machine.

•    Replacing/cleaning of the head gasket or the shower. The build up of residue from coffee powder may affect the flow of coffee. Cleaning it will keep the flow in perfect condition and will maintain the freshness of the coffee.
•    Checking and adjusting the water level of the boiler and pump pressure with a pressure gauge.
•    Checking and cleaning of the safety valve and expansion gauge that will make your coffee machine work to its limit without causing any problems.
•    Checking to see if the electric circuitry is perfect.
•    Checking of any possible leaks.

It is necessary to have your machine serviced regularly through a professional service agency.  It will save you money in the long run, and keep your coffee tasting great every morning. 






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