The A1000 was created to give your guests their very own little moment of luxury. No matter what your favorite coffee might be, the A1000 can fulfill every wish – even if you like to try something different every single day. The A1000 is your ticket to a coffee that’s designed just for you. Welcome to the next level of luxury – the A1000 by Franke.



Is a groundbreaking innovation that is revolutionizing the traditional espresso concept; for the first time, this technology offers realtime control of extraction time and, therefore, the taste profile. Every day. Every cup.



Up to two types of milk, including dreamy FoamMasterTM milk foam.



Premium coffee to meet every demand with the automatic dosing station for six different flavors.



CleanMaster, the fully automatic cleaning system, is included as standard. For a sparkling clean A1000 at all times.



User-friendly menu navigation, HD-quality video with sound, nutritional and allergen information on a professional display


Fitted as standard in the A1000, the FoamMasterTM guarantees perfect milk foam every single time. After all, the foam quality sets the true superstars apart from the rest. This is where the FoamMasterTM by Franke really shows what it’s made of:


Unbeatable milk foam quality

Achieve an artistic layered effect by varying the foam to create individual consistencies and densities, all in perfect harmony with the milk – even within the same drink!


Outstanding consistency

Even at high outputs and under the highest demands, the foam consistency remains perfectly constant.


Hot or cold?

Your creativity knows no bounds. Make your drinks with hot or cold milk foam, or hot or cold milk.


Two milk varieties

Milk varieties and milk alternatives are a hot trend right now. The fully automatic refrigeration unit of the A1000 with the automatic CleanMaster cleaning system enables you to deliver these in style.



10.4" Touch Screen with Multimedia Function

Foam Master Milk System

1 Grinder

Hot Water Dispenser

SU12 FM1 12lt Milk Fridge

Mains Fixed Water Connection

Easy Clean (EC) Automatic Milk Cleaning System[Manual additionof the cleaning solution]

23Amp 3 Phase Power [A1000 FM]

10 Amp 1 Phase Power [Milk Fridge]

Dimensions H 730 -830 x W 680 x D 600 mm [Coffee System and Milk Fridge]


A1000 MS Additional Option Extras

2nd Grinder

3rd Grinder [600grams/ Position front left]

Powder Dosing Unit

2nd Powder Dosing Unit [Position front left instead of 3rd grinder]

2nd Milk Type

A Serise Cup Warmer (120 Cups)

Ground Coffee Chute


Franke A1000 FM Foam Master System