The A200 was designed so it can be put into service and operated without reading a manual – simply plug in and away you go! This is a masterpiece of Swiss engineering that makes everyday handling of the A200 refreshingly simple.


Simple yet customizable operation

he A200 invites you to define as many as 18 products and then save them in the menu. In doing so, you first specify in detail how you would like the beverage to be prepared. Should it use the Ethiopian wild coffee from the grinder on the left, or your favorite Ecuadorian arabica from the grinder on the right? Should the brewing period be slightly longer or shorter? Would you like to add a little more or less milk? Secondly, you then decide in which sequence your beverages are arranged in the menu so that your favorites appear at the very top. The A200 guides you through this configuration with simple, intuitive steps. The process is simple and customizable.


FoamMaster™: dreamy milk foam quality

The FoamMaster™ guarantees perfect milk foam every single time, something that is sure to have everyone in raptures.

  • Unbeatable milk foam quality: the consistency and thickness of the foam can be varied, and artistic layers created.
  • Outstanding consistency: even at high outputs and under the highest demands.



4.3" Touch Screen with Intuitive Operation Mode

Foam Master Milk System

2 Grinders

Hot Water Dispenser

SU05 FM1 5lt Milk Fridge

4lt Intergrated Water Tank

Mains Fixed Water Connection

Easy Clean (EC) Automatic Milk Cleaning System[Manual additionof the cleaning solution]

10 Amp or 15Amp 1 Phase Power [A200FM]

10 Amp 1 Phase Power [Milk Fridge]

Dimensions H 600 x W 613 x D 560 mm [Coffee System and Milk Fridge]


A200 MS1 Additional Option Extras

A Serise Cup Warmer (120 Cups)

Ground Coffee Chute


Franke A200 Foam Master System