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The Hario V60 filter papers have been designed to remove unnecessary oils from your brew. The Hario Filter paper range is available in 3 different sizes, allowing you to match the filter size to the Hario V60 dripper that you are using.  

The 03 filters are the largest in the range, allowing a brew for up to 6 people. 

The filters have been oxygen bleached, so it is always recommended to pre-wet/ rinse the papers prior to use to ensure that no paper taste is transferred during the brewing process. The Hario V60 filter papers are biodegradable and will consistently deliver a perfectly clean, sediment free brew

- White 'oxygen bleached' filter

- Biodegradable

- Suitable for size 03 dripper

Hario - V60 03 - Paper Filter 100sheets

SKU: VCF-03-100W
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