Melitta Original Paper Filters are created to let you discover the aromatic and balanced taste experience of the coffee you’re brewing. Designed with three patented Aromazones each with specially arranged Aromapores ensuring that your filter coffee develops its flavour perfectly. The special characteristic of this paper is its micro-perforations. These perforations ensure that only the finest flavors make their way into your coffee, this will allow it to release its full flavor. Melitta filter bags come in natural brown or white: while you can see the difference, you will certainly not be able to taste it. This is because the properties of both kinds of filter paper are absolutely identical. While natural brown coffee filters are untreated, white coffee filters are whitened using natural oxygen. Naturally, all of our coffee filters are 100% biodegradable. All Melitta Coffee Filters are an FSC -certified product. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation, which aims to contribute to the improvement of forestry worldwide. Melitta guarantees to act in a sustainable and responsible manner. Available in Brown or White Paper, and 40pk or White 80pk. Melitta Original Paper Filters 4 Cups FEATURES 3 Zone Filters – Each designed to interact and manage the flow and filter during brewing to maximise flavour in the cup. Naturally 100% compostable – FSC -certified product and ready to be placed in the compost to break down overtime. Extra Tearproof – Strongly woven paper fibres the filter your coffee cleanly. Neutral Taste – Professionally manufactured to ensure the flavour of your coffee is not affected by the filters. Brown or White Filters – Either Natural or White, the filters are identical, with the White being Oxygen treated to become colourless. THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES: Melitta Original Paper Filters 4 Cups THE SPECIFICS Material FSC -certified Paper Capacity 1 - 4 Cups Compatible Brewers 4 Cup Filter Melitta Pour over Black 4 Cup 

Melitta Original Paper Filters 4 Cups Brown – 40pk

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