Pour Over filter holder

This manual filter holder, with its optimised internal grooves, guarantees an ideal flow of water and allows a perfect extraction of the aromas of the coffee. With two outlets, you can now prepare two cups of coffee at a time. This plastic filter holder is available in three sizes 1x2, 1x4, 1x6.

Proportion of preparation:

For a particularly delicious coffee, the ideal figures are: 18g / 300ml / 96 ° C. This formula refers to the perfect proportion of coffee and water ratio, and the right heat temperature for a tasty mug of coffee.

Two outlets to brew two cups of coffee at the same time.

The side openings allow you to control the amount of coffee in the cup during preparation.

The coffee filter holder is dishwasher safe.

Melitta Pour Over Size 1x4

SKU: 270617