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Pure coffee enjoyment meets milk. Excellent coffee enjoyment combined with creamy milk froth – experience with CAFFEO® SOLO® and milk the whole variety of aromatic coffee specialities made by whole beans and milk.


The Solo & Milk has high reviews from owners all around the world because of its simplicity & easy to clean design.


Concentrating on the basics – that's Solo®. Minimalistic design, smallest dimensions and easy to operate. For supreme coffee indulgence from whole beans and a soft, velvety crema that melts on the tongue.



  • SOLO® and Milk is one of the smallest fully automatic coffee makers in the world and yet it provides enough space for high class Melitta technology.
  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 32,5 cm x 20 cm x 45,5 cm
  • Capacity of used coffee tray: 8x
  • Capacity of water container: 1,2 l
  • Capacity of bean container: 125 g


Aroma-Extraction-System (A.E.S.)

Unique coffee enjoyment for maximum enjoyment Caffeo® Solo® has a pre-brewing feature: The freshly ground coffee is moistened with water before the actual brewing, this releases the flavours in your coffee. Furthermore, you can adjust the grinding degree and coffee strength in three stages to get your ideal taste.

The intuitive operating panel with integrated LED symbol display is reduced to essentials, making it child’s play to use. You can adjust the coffee strength or choose descaling and cleaning by simply selecting the appropriate symbol. Furthermore Caffeo® Solo® is equipped with a 0-Watt switch which enables to disconnect from the mains while your personal settings are kept.

Individual coffee preparation.


Indulgence without compromises: Choose your brewing temperature and coffee strength. With only one single rotation you can adjust the amount of coffee to the preferred cup size (30 - 220 ml).

Make two cups of coffee or espresso simultaneously at the touch of a button.

Removable milk frothing nozzle


The powerful milk frothing nozzle provides an easy preparation for wonderful airy milk froth and hot milk. It can be removed and cleaned in a convenient and easy way.

instructions take you through the maintenance programmes. The app also gives you help with understanding the functional status of your coffee machine with the aid of the diagnostic too

Melitta Solo & Milk

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$1,150.00 Regular Price
$999.90Sale Price
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