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5 micron, 16”x4.5”, 3/8” or ½” connection, 2 Lpm, 4,298L capacity@100ppm hardness


Puretec Interblend CO-I150-K Filter system is designed for the reduction of hardness ions and contaminants that affect the taste and extraction of coffee.


At the forefront of innovation the Puretec CO-I Series is everything you want in a water filter. Designed for coffee machines, dishwashers and combi ovens the CO-I Series reduces scale, chlorine, taste & odour and sediment in water. Quick, hygienic cartridge change outs, combined with next generation filtration has made a convenient system with excellent capacity and reduced consumable expenses. The Puretec Interblend CO-I Series regulates the mineral content to ensure the finest coffee flavours

Puretec - CO-I150K

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