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The Rocket DOPPIA is designed to produce quality and consistent results for a high volume environment.


Doppia is a dual boiler, fully saturated group espresso machine, with clever engineering that will outperform most in its class. An innovative dry steam technology has been built into Doppia which heats the steam path to ensure minimal condensation. The result, a crisp dry steam from activation. Pressure transducer-controlled service boiler offers ultimate steam pressure recovery, alongside PID controlled brew boiler for optimum temperature stability, meeting the demands of the highest performing venues.



  • Available in 2 or 3 Group Models 
  • Fully exposed saturated group heads for espresso temperature stability
  • Pressure transducer technology initiates instant steam recovery and maintains performance 
  • Dual boiler to maximise temperature stability 
  • Available in 2 and 3 Group Models 
  • Treated 316L Stainless Steel Dual boilers 
  • Pressure transducer technology initiates instant steam recovery 
  • Innovative dry steam technology. The steam path is heated to ensure minimal condensation, delivering crisp dry steam 
  • Digital display interface for ease of programming with 4 or 6 button touch pad 
  • An adjustable drip tray for variable cup sizes 
  • Hot water tempering valve to adjust temperatures for long black coffee 
  • Automatic backflush cycle







PriceFrom $18,399.00
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