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Simple but with a professional heart, the amazing Wega Atlas 2 Group is capable of responding to the highest demands! The compact model offers two coffee brewing groups and is assembled on the smallest chassis in the Wega range. A true workhorse, the famous Wega Atlas Compact is very sought after and hard to find in such great condition!

A perfect choice for food vans, coffee carts or anyone who is short on bench space

You can't go wrong with a Wega!!


Features & Specifications

- Dual Steam Wand

- Hot Water

- Internal Pump

- Programmable Auto Volumetric Dosing

- Compact Design

- 7 Litre Boiler Capacity

- 15 Amp Power

- Dimensions: 530mm (w) x 520mm (d) x 540mm (h)

- Weight: 70 kg

WEGA - Atlas EVD 2 Group Compact

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